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By Deleted User (anonymous) | Posted March 27, 2017 at 22:47:47

Al Gore says that the East Coast will be submerged by 2052. The most conservative timeline predicts completely autonomous vehicle traffic by 2050. Ray Kurzeil predicts the Singularity will occur by 2040. CBC reported today that the end of work will occur around 2030. The real estate bubble is expected to burst any day now. But I'm expected to believe that an 11 kilometer rail line scheduled to be opened in Hamilton, Ontario by 2024 will impact my life in any way? Talking about growth and its effects in the Golden Horseshoe up until 2041 is absolutely pointless. Do you really think it'll be the status quo until then? Some say that the next 20 years of technology will make it look like we haven't progressed in the last 100 but you're projecting population and job growth? I can't even take this seriously. "Jobs" won't even be a thing by 2041. We're on the cusp of an entirely new paradigm for human existence but guys this train will get everyone to work in 2041. ???

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