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By blatchdk (registered) | Posted March 26, 2017 at 17:51:21 in reply to Comment 121010

additionally, (and I most certainly don't speak for everyone), many from the younger generation are extremely wary of calls coming from any unrecognised source.

Anecdotally, I still remember some robo-call scheme where you "won" a cruise and just had to push a button to accept. It turned out that pushing that button accepted some sort of call link where people managed to piggy-back off your phone system and charge you for long distance calls. I would desperately hope that loophole was closed years ago but it still makes me extremely wary of any calls. And since I haven't had a landline since moving away from my parents, I assume any automated call is spam (true the vast majority of the time).

So, even if the call came through to me, I'm not even likely to answer because I'm so wary of scams of various stripes.

These polls need to find a way to reach cell phones, but also be registered with phone companies such that they actually come up with a known name citing [poll] or something similar. Most cellphones have the availability of push-caller-id but in my experience is either not used, or comes up as something extremely vague.

Certainly if the polls worked online, you'd end up with the exact opposite problem.

In my limited experience, landlines are effectively obsolete for anyone under the age of 50.

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