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By blatchdk (registered) | Posted March 15, 2017 at 12:08:39 in reply to Comment 120906

In terms of HSR revenue, the B-Line route has the highest revenue, which translates to the least loss. Even the B-Line route operates at a deficit based on fares alone. The HSR stands to lose nothing if they were to simply remove those busses from the road and let LRT run. Where notable changes may appear is in keeping the busses on the road (improving transit infrastructure through the rest of the city) since it will cost more (not as much of a discount to the city from fares) to run the L,S, or T-line.

The impact of the LRT allows busses the HSR currently owns to better service regions outside of the LRT. It also encourages businesses to build along the LRT. It won't immediately solve things for the person who lives in Dundas and works in Stoney Creek, but it will give better options when that person loses their license because of failing health, or eyesight.

Again, regardless of the model, fares for transit do not surpass costs. This is why transit has such a high burden on taxes. But when you compare that burden to road maintenance, it starts to look pretty good.

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