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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted March 14, 2017 at 14:46:04

Downtown Toronto as it is presently developed would be impossible without the subway system which started in 1954. You have to start somewhere.

We already see the development blooming in Uptown Waterloo and Downtown Kitchener while its ION LRT line isn't even open yet. They are having a public, "open house" of its first Light Rail Vehicle April 8th, 2017.

In Ottawa, building the very cheap, diesel powered O-Train (now the Trillium line) in 2001 and converting the Central Transitway (BRT) to the Confederation Line (LRT) has led to a boom in development near the existing Trillium Line stations and future Confederation Line stations in the Lebreton Flats and Bayview areas. The moving of the Senators arena from Kanata to the Lebreton Flats close to the planned Confederation Line's Pimisi station, as well as the other connected developments of the Federal Government's land, adding in the city sponsored developments at the close by Bayview station, which is the meeting place of both the Confederation and Trillium Lines, has lead to a combined $5.3 Billion worth of confirmed development (so far). By 2040 it is expected that the size (in square metres) of the entire central area office and high density residential space of Ottawa will double. The Transitway although very useful in moving a lot of passengers led to very little development in Ottawa (less than $1 Billion over the last 35 years) and spawned little if any development in the Lebreton Flats-Bayview Area located west of downtown Ottawa. It was only when LRT was talked about did talk of development begin increasing in the area.

(Below) These are the proposed Zibi and Domtar Developments just north of the Lebreton Flats approved after LRT started construction

(Below)This is the Canadian Tire Centre superimposed on the existing Lebreton flats site for a local Ottawa website, Westside Action


(Below) The chosen Lebreton Site Plan

(Below) The entire Lebreton Flats-Bayview station Area, The bayview area is in the foreground while the Lebreton Area is in the back ground

(Below) Picture of the West end of the winning proposal

(Below) Bayview Area Development Plan

(Below) Bayview Station Rendering, Meeting place of the Confederation (on top) and the Trillium Line (on bottom)

(Below) The view of Carling and Preston from across Dows lake, all buildings are now under construction due to the near by location of the Trillium Line's Carling Station

Oh yes, there will be a light and sound show, similar to the one that is shown nightly at Parliament Hill on the surface of the Centre Block, open to the public this summer in Ottawa for Canada 150 celebrations, called "Kontinuum" in the concourse level of the new underground Lyon Street Station of the Confederation LRT Line.

The conversion of the Transiway away from buses to LRT trains will also see the city save on its huge transit operating costs. Up to 600 operator and office positions as well as 150 buses will not be needed by the service because of the conversion to from BRT to LRT for just Stage 1 of the system.

I can guarantee the fares of the B-Line LRT in Hamilton will go to the HSR. The Rideau Transit Group who will operate the Confederation and Trillium Lines just receives an operating fee which was part of the final operating agreement, which is determined during the Request For Proposal part of your LRT process. The operating group which wins the RFP process gets that honor. The final number of groups and their content companies, bidding on the operating contract for the B-Line is determined in the during the Request For Qualifications (RFQ) Process for which you will begin very soon in 2017, if they haven't already started.

Relax everybody, this all takes time and is legally required to do so, Hamilton has to start somewhere. You don't start with a completed 100 km+ rapid transit system built overnight, it will take time and effort but the slow process has begun. It will be very difficult and expensive to stop this project now for those at Hamilton's council who seem hell bent on doing just that. The LRT line will happen unless, the province steps in and stops it, which is very unlikely now, regardless of the party in power too much work has been done.

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