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By GWW (registered) | Posted March 14, 2017 at 11:26:16

Correct me if i'm wrong, but is the proposed LRT being run as a 3P project and all that revenue on the LRT line would go the successful 3P operator. Given that close to 40% ( as noted above) of the HSR revenue is along this route,(and probably the most profitable portion) there is a potential serious revenue impact to HSR and the the City of Hamilton, and hence city taxpayers.($15 to$20 million?) I don't recall much discussion on this point in the media, or by the City.

I am not sure how the LRT will impact driving patterns of people beyond a reasonable walking distance of the LRT system. There are a heck of lot people driving because of the nature of the their jobs, or they prefer it. Living in an outlying area like Ancaster, it would make no sense. Many other areas of the City fall in the same practical issue that transit doesn't make much sense. Long term with increases in density along the LRT corridor, this may work, with the revenue slowing increasing for the the 3P operator.

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