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By RoboRobbins (registered) - website | Posted March 14, 2017 at 08:36:29 in reply to Comment 120904

Lets start with a quick fact-check: a 90k council salary doesn't come anywhere close to putting you in the 1%.

And while we are at it, lets be absolutely clear about anther thing: nobody is getting rich from holding public office in Canada. The pay is way worse then what the same skill set would garner in the private sector and the amount of politicians who quietly go broke after leaving public office would make your head spin. Making "politician" a shittier job is exactly the right way to ensure that only foolish people will be in charge of the city's $2B budget, which is the serious money, not the petty cash for working lunches. Like I said in the article, penny wise and pound foolish. The point I'd like to get across is that while there is lots we can scrimp on, the already small budget we set aside for political decision-making is not one of them. Nor will we get much in return for pinching pennies on leadership, literally just pennies.

And I get that its hard to talk about council pay while seeing the dudes a couple blocks from city hall in the Gore. I live near there and while my heart goes out to these folks, but you are kidding yourself if you think they are poking around those nooks and crannies are looking for scrape together money for food. But then again, addiction issues don't fit well with your dystopian story of income inequality especially since psychologists treating addition are paid 100k+ per year, yet another group that gets paid more than city councillors. Its really easy to heckle and take cheap shots about the things you don't like, much harder to be an optimist and make a difference. Just ask your elected representative.

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