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By Deleted User (anonymous) | Posted March 13, 2017 at 18:16:46

When you use the "cost per taxpayer" metric then every expense looks like a reasonable value. But to say that most people wouldn't pick up 6 cents is just plain wrong. Head on down to the Gore and you'll find lots of people who would be happy to take your nickel. If you're working then sure 6 cents isn't going to change much but 90,000 Hamiltonians live in poverty and when 20 people give you 6 cents you can now buy a couple of apples to eat. Five nickels and you can get some ramen which will fill your stomach if you chug some water with it. The point is councilors make $93,000 a year and you're telling me that they can't pack a lunch? Give me a break. It's the optics of it all. Why not just throw your leftovers in some Tupperware and leave the taxpayer out of the equation? People are having their hydro shut off while councilors get free wraps and sodas. Something isn't adding up here. The rich get richer I guess. What's weird is how the neo-liberals have taken to defending the 1% and their perks. "Thank them for the privilege" indeed. smh. Would you rather have councilors have free lunches or bring one person out of poverty? I know which I'd choose.

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