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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted March 03, 2017 at 10:05:44 in reply to Comment 120865

I'm not sure how you conclude that NY has cheaper electricity. From p 4 of the Hydro Qu├ębec report that Ryan cites, here are some residential prices as cents per kwh in various US and Canadian cities that are significantly higher than Toronto:

Toronto: 17.81

New York: 29.52 Boston: 27.69 Detroit: 20.24 San Francisco: 31.05

Others are lower, but Toronto is by no means the highest and is actually lower than nearby cities like Boston, New York and Detroit. There is quite a range in the US and Canada, but Quebec , as we know, is an outlier for low cost due to its abundant hydro.

I agree that the sell off is problematic, but given that the municipalities rejected all other suggestions for raising revenue for infrastructure investment (road tolls, parking taxes etc) it was one of the few remaining options.

Delivery charges reflect the cost of providing electricity infrastructure to rural customers: clearly it costs a lot more to run 10 km of electrical infrastructure for 5 houses in the country than for 5000 houses in the city. I suppose you could just average out the cost, but is this fair?

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