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By dlynes (registered) - website | Posted February 17, 2017 at 06:00:28

You would think it would be a no-brainer to put one there. While I personally don't have a need for one there, the three locations that would make the most amount of sense are the University, Bay St, and James St. James St will probably be difficult because of the existing build up at that location, so it would probably need to be made at the MacNab bus terminal instead, but Bay St should be easy.

There are city owned parking lots at the southeast corner, southwest corner and I believe possibly even the northwest corner in behind the bar.

You have the new McMaster school of Medicine at Main and Bay, you have the Bank of Montreal and Main and Bay, you have City Hall at Main and Bay, you have the Farmer's Market at King and Bay, Copp's Colosseum at York and Bay, Nations Supermarket at King and Bay, and the Art Gallery at Summers Lane and King.

I do see someone's point that the stops might be too close together (MacNab/Bay/Queen).

Queen to Bay is 500m, but Bay to MacNab is only 270m (possibly too close for planners). If the Bay St station got moved to across the street from Eckankar instead, it would now be 350m between stations, which is a reasonable amount of space and would still be close enough to Bay to make a difference for people wanting to get off for that intersection.

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