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By Frank (registered) | Posted September 26, 2007 at 11:06:36

Unno, once the infrastructure is built any vehicle using the same configuration can be placed on the tracks...whether it's running on electricity or hydrogen or hot air. Notably, as the province moves into using more electricity generated by nuclear plants, electrical power becomes more viable...provided the distribution network is maintained properly.

I'm not sure I understand your comment regarding those who failed or refused to take responsibility for their own lives? Perhaps they have and simply chose differently than you based on their circumstances.

Also, building something like an LRT system completely without the use of fossil fuels is not financially responsible especially since fossil fuels will be available for a looong time. Granted, supply/demand will most likely force the price up and make alternative energy more feasible however currently this isn't the case.

As with all projects, an LRT system should be built with future prospects in mind for the duration of the life of the system (most likely 70 years if it's concrete) however building them to run using future possibilities at inception is poor plannng. It should be built to accomodate them in the future, not use them immediately.

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