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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted December 12, 2016 at 20:34:12

What saddens me is the co-opting of the word "elites" to refer to "left wingers we don't like", such that the original definition is unrecognizable.

The term is used in Canada in the same way. Read the last two op-eds from Preston Manning in the Globe for example. Or Kelly Leitch who describes elites as anyone "who knows better than anyone else", obviously without a sense of shame or hypocrisy. Check out the Sunday Edition interview from Nov 20 if you dare.

Leitch is a 1% to 0.1% elite by standards of education, position, income, or unintentionally by her own definition.

Trump is a 0.0001% elite by standards of wealth, fame or power, measured before he was elected.

Both would be insulted if called elites. I think the source of this feeling must be chip on the shoulder resentment. How anyone can be that successful and still feel resentment of others speaks to biblical levels of six of the seven deadly sins.

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