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By AnonymousAdam (registered) | Posted December 03, 2016 at 12:47:30 in reply to Comment 120507

I agree with this. Claremont is my main access, besides when I need to go North or West I use James Hill. (I live in Southam) and easily my commute to work within the city has doubled. Jolly is backed up to around the big bend near the top, James is backed up to Gateview. Adding to it is for some reason every bus leaves McNab at the same time and all of them go up the 2 lane accesses and none of them use Claremont (when its healthy) They need to stagger the buses. As for bike licensing. I only use my bike for trails, even if I commuted on it I would not agree with licensing. What I would like to see is mandatory insurance. Anything that uses the road with potential severe injury should be insured. The blame is not always with the driver.

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