Comment 120270

By Suburbanite (anonymous) | Posted October 13, 2016 at 11:28:49 in reply to Comment 120268

This is why I previously stated I agree, for the most part. I was comparing developments within our urban boundary - ie Ward 1 vs Ward 5. Greenfield is a whole other issue that perhaps "area rating" should apply.
And although the differences between a SF home vs an apt building appear to be out of whack, the individual DC charges per unit actually make sense since most of those costs are incurred because of # of people. More people=more water. More people/drivers=more cars on the roads. More people=(hopefully)more transit. Larger footprint = more stormwater runoff. The $ value to PW for snow removal, waste pick-up etc is negligible in the total DC charge.
I also totally agree on the insanity of the parkland dedication. We ran into the same thing in our area.

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