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By Suburbanite (anonymous) | Posted September 21, 2016 at 17:24:19

I think this article is a little hard on Arlene, a first term councillor. I got the impression she was not sure what to do under the circumstances, and likely hasn't been involved in such an exchange before, in the Council or Committee arena, and was likely unsure of the protocol. At various times, when Terry was the Chair, he turned to Arlene to be added to the list of speakers as well as yelled "point of order". He was clearly the Chair at those times.
I'm sure she has seeked guidance from Staff and other more seasoned colleagues on protocol in the future. It was a shit show for sure but it likely needed to be played out in public, and on the publicrecord, for all of us to see exactly what sort of character our Ward 8 Councillor possesses.
His actions are unconscionable and perhaps a re-run for a campaign ad during the 2018 election will make the Ward 8 residents think long and hard about what is being portrayed during Council meetings as the popular opinion of those residents

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