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By kdslote (registered) | Posted September 21, 2016 at 16:01:57

I'm trying to figure out Whitehead's endgame here. He disclosed to me that he wants to look at an additional car travel lane at peak hours, but his current line of questioning (room for service vehicles) wouldn't necessarily be solved by additional peak hour lanes. Perhaps once staff produce evidence of the numerous areas to pull over, he'll argue that it is sufficient for non-peak times, but that a peak lane is still required (which, in reality, is more about creating a highway for his constituents than accommodating garbage trucks).

Regardless, putting in a peak lane is a non-starter for me as it would take away all protection from the bike lanes at the exact times it is needed most (the peak lane would have to run alongside the bike lanes on Herkimer due to curb bumpouts on the South side). I'm not sure there is even room for that configuration as the current North parking lane is narrower than a travel lane. There definitely isn't room on Charlton as there was barely room for two travel lanes before the bike lanes.

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