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By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted September 12, 2016 at 15:24:09 in reply to Comment 119993

For our ride to supercrawl we went along Herkimer and stopped at Queen. Immediately felt there was no way we could cross as it was busy with fast moving cars - I had my three year old in his bike seat. (We are not cycling pros by any stretch). Ok, I found an opening and just went for it, so far so good. Then I yelled back to my clan that we'll be going down Bay. I thought Bay to York and we're there. Forgot there are no lanes on Bay. No way was I going down Bay as it too was busy. So we rode on with no plan and eventually stopped at Durand park ( I can hear some your eyes rolling! I know!) because again - no way we are going down James St. So, down McNab and realized we had to double back to get on Hunter. Getting sweaty... Then down Hunter for like a block then into a parking lot and basically that was it. We ended up walking our bikes the rest of the way.

I'm trying, but we were very close to being better off just walking.

Lesson? We need a full lane on Bay. Apparently one is coming and when it does that will be amazing. It would take us downtown, to York / Cannon and the whole north end. Currently we're cut off by King and Main.

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