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By mountain66 (registered) | Posted September 12, 2016 at 14:13:17

I must confess I am not fond of the new design but I believe I can adapt to it. Personally if this is what the neighbourhood choose, more power to them, it just shows what a good neighbourhood organization can achieve.

I do think it could do with some tweaks, this weekend I drove on Charlton during the rainstorm, when there were no cars in the parking lane on the approach from James South. It would be confusing if you weren't familiar with it. In the rain at night the lines don't show up, I find this common to most lane markings in the city. I think this could be fixed with some sort of soft barriers at the ends of the parking lanes and some cats eye reflectors to mark the sides of the parking lanes.

As a cyclist I wonder about the approach to the bike lane from James to Charlton, it appears to start on the South side (presently closed) and then switch over to the North side. Will there be some markings to show where to switch over?

I don't believe the back-ups on the accesses is any worse than it was before, for some reason I can't explain some days are much worse than others. For example on Thursday last week the traffic on West 5th was backed up as far as Fennell, but this morning there was no back-up in the same time period. There was a mention of staff from St. Joe's using street parking, when St. Joe's took over the HPH we had a similar problem and now almost all the streets in our neighbourhood are posted 3 hr parking. When construction was going on on the site they extended the old parking lot on the North side of what is now St. Joe's West 5th. It would probably hold about 50 cars and is now barricaded off, at one time there was a rumour that they were going to use it to shuttle staff to the Charlton st. hospital similar to the way HHS does at MUMC. If this were done staff could have cheaper parking and there would be a lot less cars on the access with one person in them.

I have also wondered for some time if it would work to switch Herkimer to two ways from James to Queen and switch Queen to two ways from Aberdeen to York like some have suggested.

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