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By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted September 12, 2016 at 12:27:11

A couple of things these lanes might need are directional arrows and some kind of solid barrier behind the first parking spot at each intersection.

I've noticed multiple riders going the wrong way on Herkimer. It's not a huge deal but it makes for that awkward 'I'll go left, ok ok, u go left no me ok right ahh!' as you approach each other. Also, wouldn't having the bike lanes travel in the opposite direction to car traffic be safer on one-way streets? That way bikes could see what was coming before entering an intersection.

I'm just waiting for some texter/driver to plow into the back of one of those parked cars and create a major reopening of the debate on these lanes. The pylons can't be there forever. Put down a concrete barrier with reflective arrows and move them to the side in the winter. Or barring that maybe have rumble strips and a longer approach with hash lines to the beginning of the parking spots.

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