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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted September 12, 2016 at 10:26:09

Note that Ryan McGreal's article has already shown that Whitehead's guess about the number of cyclists is far too low.

On the Bill Kelly show he claimed that only 15/1000 vehicles, or 1.5% is a bike (earlier it seemed he was claiming that on 15 cyclists per day were using the lanes). He just made this figure up since staff haven't actually measured how many cyclists are using the lanes.

However, there are roughly 15,000 vehicle per day on both Charlton and Herkimer and Ryan has shown that already about 264 +/- 29 SoBi bikes alone are using it daily, already 4-30% higher than his figure.

But SoBi bikes are just a small portion of the total bikes (not more than 20% and probably more like 5-10%). The true number of bikes is likely close to 1500 per day, about 1/10 vehicles or 100/1000.

It should also be remembered that the vehicle figures are also old (possibly from the 2002 traffic study) and inaccurate and will need to be updated. Traffic volumes have been falling on many downtown streets in the last decade.

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