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By mountain66 (registered) | Posted August 26, 2016 at 22:52:09 "Donna Skelly wants to see more trees, boulevards and other amenities added along Upper James to make it safer and more welcoming for pedestrians." Maybe there is still some chance of some changes on Upper James. My wife & I attended the info. session and I would say I thought the plan is fairly good. One thing I thought is missing is connecting east on the Mountain. Presently the city is in the process of installing traffic lights at the intersection of Upper James and Inverness Ave, these have been badly needed for many years. The suggested crossing now would require you to take your bike up some stairs and through Southam Park to connect with Inverness West at Tanner St. Tanner is more like an entrance to the park and the path they show is really just a desire path used to go through the park. If it is possible to make a second crossing closer to the bend coming off the access and create a bike lane to the new lights you could easily connect from Inverness East to the existing bike lane on Queensdale or connect to the Mountain Park path. It is really too bad the down bound lane closest to the escarpment is unusable as that would have solved separating cyclist going down from pedestrians and up bound cyclists.

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