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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted August 24, 2016 at 15:07:58

I just noticed a couple of bikes with brand new screens/keypads (But with existing chassis/solar panel). It does seem they replace defective screens and keypads on a per-bike basis.

Keypad reliability has improved on several bikes. Some bikes have difficult-to-type-on keypads (iffy keys) from the first-generation design but I've found a few bikes that are easy to punch code in reliably. I hope those becomes more numerous! :)

Also, more pros of the SoBi technology, I hadn't even included:

-- I wonder if the chainless shaft-drive transmission has shown bike maintenance savings through Canadian winters. I've not found any problems with the shaft drive, except remembering to shift while coasting (stop pedaling for a fraction of a second). How quickly is shaft-drive wearing out in the real world?

-- Over-the-air firmware upgrades for the built-in bike computer. That's how the guest feature arrived (allow same membership code to unlock 3 bikes simultaneously) and how the bike lock alarm arrived (if you forgot to fully lock the electronic U-bar). All the bikes have solar-powered 3G/LTE cellular data (and GPS) because they all need to transmit GPS positions and bike rentals to central server, and automagically, that means over-the-air firmware upgrades are conveniently possible for the bike fleet!

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