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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted August 24, 2016 at 13:41:01 in reply to Comment 119836

On york cycle lanes:

I think York's bike lanes need to be turned into a Cannon-style cycle track to feel really useful / safe.

You could actually do quite a hefty amount of space optimization on York with that, given how the existing York bike lanes are hackily shoe-horned into a 6-lane road. Over the longer term, there's plenty of room for a multi-use trail on the side of York Blvd when beyond Dundurn. This would connect very well with an on-street Cannon-style York Blvd cycle track aligned on the same side.

I'm not sure how this will affect traffic planning in the LRT days, but this possibility could/should be accounted for:

A protected/barriered cycle track (Cannon style or better) on the northern edge of York (eastbound lanes) from roughly near Cannon through Dundurn -- then connects to a multi-use trail on the same side of road -- when beyond Dundurn Castle's parking lot. That little narrow asphalt sidewalk in the middle of the grassy areas can easily be widened to become a multi-use trail.

It makes a lot of sense, I think... (have to think this through...and the planners will have to as well). Overall (with other optimizations along with these) you might even be able to make York consistently 4-lanes all the way from Burlington to Hamilton, with a bit of fiddling of the allocation... rather than the current narrowed 2-lane sections from hacked-on bike lanes. That would provide some traffic diversion capacity (detour flow) during LRT construction near the 403 interchange -- this is one area where you can make both bikes AND cars happier -- methinks.

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