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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted August 24, 2016 at 11:56:16

Reading the report: those "Far-side" stops sound extremely space-intensive. Think about it, for an LRT to have a "far-side" stop on a two-way street, that means that every intersection that includes an LRT platform must actually have two LRT platforms, one on each side of the intersection.

I'm also surprised they listed King at Dundurn as a spot where they expect improvement with LRT, because it's such a bottleneck in the system. I guess the assumption is that much of the traffic in and out of the West End will be taken over by LRT passengers.

The capacity along the route of QueenStreet(southbound)/KingStreet(westbound)isr educed because of the LRT alignment. Vehicles choose the alternative route of York/Dundurn/King. The model shows a congestion issue at the intersection York/Dundurn for the westbound left turning lane which slightly reduces the capacity on York Street.T he mitigation priority in the next iteration of the model is to address this congestion issue.(Note: The previous TPAP model also identified a concern with this intersection.)

edit: aside, the city's PDFs are horribly formed, as you can see by the copy-paste - and that's after I regex'd out all the linebreaks. I wonder how well they play with JAWS or other screen-readers?

Yep. Mark my words, they're going to make Dundurn sport two Southbound lanes (incl. two Southwards turning lanes on York) instead of bike lanes, and possibly remove the Westbound bike lane on York Boulevard. Basically reproducing Queen's turning experience at Dundurn. Hopefully somehow we can get a bi-directional bike-lane still on York's Eastbound side (centre-aligned?) if they remove the Westbound one... but either way, the Dundurn bike lanes are an essential connection. Even if we get the Bay bike lanes, we'll still need Dundurn to get from Head to Hunt and vice versa for the Hunt->Dundurn->Head->VictoriaPark->Napier corridor.

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