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By RustyNail (registered) | Posted August 15, 2016 at 14:00:19

Cars and people don't mix. Cars and kids are an even worse combination...

As I watch John Tory bungle his way through his own 'Vision Zero' (which started out as a Vision 80-20, as in, 'Well it's OK if we kill 20% of our injured pedestrians...') it seems to me municipalities could greatly simplify their pedestrian safety plans by:

  1. Mandating 30kmh for residential zones and 40kmh for through streets. Make this a blanket approach for simplicity
  2. Setting up speed traps like they do in England (signposted stretches where, if you get caught, you either get points or have to go to 'Speed School' for a whole day (
  3. Set up traffic free zones. Many smaller European cities ban cars from their entire downtowns.

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