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By Cityboy11 (registered) | Posted August 10, 2016 at 19:01:32

I live on Wentworth St. I own my home. I like the fact that it is becoming two-way again after 45 years. It is long overdue. What I do not like, is the fact that this street with both an elementary school and a high school on it, will not be removed as a truck route during and after this conversion. Companies like Air Liquide and Canadian Tire and several others use this street as a cut through from either Barton or Burlington Sts. Truck traffic should be moved to Wellington southbound and Victoria northbound. The posted regular speed limit should be reduced to 40km/k during regular hours and flashing 30 km/h during school hours. I like to sit out on my porch from time to time, and it affords me the opportunity to watch the trucks swing over three lanes to make the narrow right turn due to the loss of a lane on Cannon St for the bike lanes (which I fully support). I also get to see dozens of cars race past Kathy Wever elementary on their way to miss the lights at Cannon; easily doing 20 or more km/h over the posted 50 km/h limit. I sent these suggestions through to Councillor Matthew Green's email, with not even a response. There are no signs up warning of the impending changeover. No further communication from the City to state that work was beginning or had began. No reminder that parking would be lost in several areas. I don't know about everyone else, but I can't wait to see when they install the bus-sized fan and watch all of the stuff that hits it.

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