Comment 119738

By Streeter (registered) | Posted July 22, 2016 at 06:41:59

Jim, Even supposing autonomous cars were a viable alternative... We would need taxi companies to purchase and maintain fleets of them (cars are very expensive to maintain on a per rider-km basis compared to say, trains) and operate them at next to no cost to compete with public transit. Then we would need to expand roads even more to handle the additional congestion (we have a horrible track record with mitigating congestion by road building). However, realistically, GM's CEO himself put his projections for fully autonomous cars mingling with other vehicles freely at 20 years out and that's optimistic considering the dismal safety record of cars co-mingling. Finally if all of that happens to come about, you would have to take jobs away from all of the taxi drivers to make it affordable, and I'm sure you've seen how they reacted to a comparably minor infringement on their jobs when Uber came to town...

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