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By ref_erendum (registered) | Posted July 20, 2016 at 11:17:55 in reply to Comment 119617

Jason I have gone well past the 60's and the Logo poster shows me most businesses that stand to benefit from the LRT are NOT on the KING street route. Talk to the small businesses from Queenston to MacMaster that rely on street side parking. Gone entirely, delivery by UPS Fed Ex and Purolator will not be able to stop, as well as emergency vehicles and snow removal and Garbage collection. I have a hard time really believing that councillors should sign any agreements until they are in black and white. To tell me nothing is finalized only tells me that this is not good for the City and it's residents. It's is like giving Metrolinx a blank cheque. Infrastructure for this corridor is well over a billion dollars and we are going to build an LRT as well as infrastructure for the tidy sum of a billion. Time to stop dreaming and just take a look at Gore Park this is what council is all about ! BRT is a much better proposition for a city that is growing slower than all of the PROJECTIONS out there and that's all they are is projections. Time to move on from this wasteful project and step up to reality .

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