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By The99Percent (registered) | Posted July 08, 2016 at 09:05:44


  1. 99 million dollars in profit for a company that employs 65,000 or so people is nothing if everyone needs a pay raise. It equates to about 1500/employee, that's without any unexpected upkeep or other expense/investment.

  2. You guys are acting like this casual->indeterminate thing is uncommon. It's literally the case in every single public service job. Jobs are casual (5 mos) then term (1-5 years) and then indeterminate. I've never seen position that did not go through that progression, which takes time not only because of position scrutiny (which, as a tax payer, you want) but also because the bureaucracy is enormous.

  3. Canada Post is a letter carrying service first and foremost, not parcel, not "legal documents" or whatever else. Letter volume has decreased substantially in the last 5 years, and I'm guessing that the 99M in profits they saw will drop along with it in the years to come. As far as "service first" ideas go, this conflicts with things like delivery time allowances and community boxes that make the job of carriers easier while hurting the client's experience. This isn't really up for debate.

  4. FedEx and other courier services are actually cheaper or on par with Canada Post as far as pricing goes, and offer a superior service. If you need to see evidence of this, lose a tracking number, and see if Canada Post can help you find your parcel - you won't be thrilled with the results. FedEx/UPS on the other hand has the ability to find your parcel even absent a tracking number. Further, these couriers offer speedier options, cheaper insurance on parcels, and delivery at their base level service much quicker than CP does.

  5. Suggesting Canada Post should be profit neutral is insane, and it demonstrates a misunderstanding of the mandate crown corps have. The country should be looking to make money wherever possible. Imagine the LCBO ran as profit neutral, what a shame it would be that a service with such potential for profit AND a high service standard (which it meets or exceeds in nearly every encounter, in my experience) only operated at net zero. If both options aren't available to Canada Post, then the service needs an overhaul to help the bottom line. That overhaul isn't spending all it's profit on raises for staff, new employees with shrinking work loads, etc. That's not how business works.

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