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By concernedparent (registered) | Posted July 07, 2016 at 20:29:35

No child will be refused healthcare in an emergency, card or no card. The card is data gathering & for direct billing to the government, it is NOT an access pass to healthcare in the province, so necessity of a card "in the moment of an emergency" is irrelevant. My experience & concern is that not all separated/divorced couples are created equally. With sole custody, all health/medical decisions are mine, in the best interest of the children as determined by third party professionals & enforced by the courts. There is a history of the children's father abusing access to the children's healthcare providers to circumvent & undermine this custodial authority as well as making fraudulent claims to healthcare providers. This person should not have the children's healthcard, rather, if there is a significant health issue while the children are in his care, he is required to notify me.

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