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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted June 27, 2016 at 04:06:49

On the topic of electrification, Metrolinx wants to someday electrify to Hamilton -- but currently it is unfunded beyond Aldershot. That said:

Electric trains Electric trains to Hamilton as further study. observe Metrolinx keeping door open to which station gets all-day service

Imgur Electric train tease at West Harbour GO

Imgur Electric train tease at Stoney Creek GO

With a trip time of roughly only 45 minutes (or so) between West Harbour and Union after going express beyond Burlington, the Hamilton 16 Express would no longer be needed.

By the time this is funded and happens with all-day 30 minute service, we'll already have a Hamilton LRT connected to this. And this GO network would by then be connected to VIA's electric HFR network that connects to Montreal's electrfied light metro/commuter system, the Ottawa LRT, Kitchener-Waterloo LRT, etc. Not to mention the possible high speed corridor (Toronto-Kitchener-London) and all the various Big Move projects.

The European-style "network effect" (electrified Ontario/Quebec) means many people can decrease reliance on their cars, with more ability to be mobile through the urban corridors. Reducing the need to widen freeways further or avoid doing things like building Pickering Airport (Mirabel 2), etc.

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