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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted June 26, 2016 at 10:31:54

One of the big issues GO Transit has had is vertical versus horizontal expansion of its rail routes. Having trains coming from Hamilton or even further a field like St. Catherines or Niagara to Toronto (Horizontal Expansion) makes the effect of any slow down due to construction or service interruption, become multiplied and cause further problems down the line. Adding more trains (Vertical Expansion) means a more complicated schedule with problems and issues multiplied through distance. After many bear/shot fueled conversations with European colleagues about GO's issues one night, one fact was very clear. The real issue isn't at the Hamilton, Barrie or Oshawa end its at the Union Station end. However many new GO lines and service expansion on existing lines we eventually are able to do its still ignoring the fundamental problem, Union Station. Without a Union station redevelopment on a truly titanic scale, Union Station is really just running out of capacity, for more passengers and trains.

Go Transit has hinted at it but what I think they really need to start doing is building a second downtown railway station of significant size and scope. The Bathurst coach storage yard has been discussed as a possible new downtown station but its capacity and scope will be limited. For example, any serious problem with frozen turnouts (switches)in super cold winter weather leading to or from Union turns into a huge issue for multiple GO train lines. The longer the line the bigger the headache for GO Transit and its passengers. The chief investment that needs to be made IMHO, is a second or third downtown Toronto Commuter Railway Station with semi or completely separate approach tracks from Union Station. Also a real building, good design not just a commuter platform like West Harbor GO and a separate coach storage yards. The new station or stations must also be linked by TTC subway services and underground pedestrian connections to the PATH system. Expensive, yes it would be. Complicated and time consuming, you betcha! However, its becoming quite clear that it will be desperately needed. With GO RER/Smart Track, a new possible Bolton GO Rail Line and access for the Shinning Waters Railway based commuter trains from Peterborough, as well as any attempt at high speed rail access to Union, it has become very clear that the number of trains entering Union will just be, too high. It will also become very hard for the passengers to deal with the crowds at certain pedestrian choke points, trying to access connecting intercity rail and transit services.

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