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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted June 24, 2016 at 19:38:37 in reply to Comment 119580

The B-Line is not overcrowded.

If you live near Sherman, downtown-bound buses have often been full at student+work peak. Oftentimes my spouse missed two full busses zooming by. Sure, additional buses can (and should be added), but LRT is preferable as an actual user myself.

Not to mention that the stops are over 800m apart.

The 600-800m spacing keeps the LRT at a very brisk speed. That said, there are spacing aberrations like the gap between Scott Park stop and Ottawa St stop -- the Delta station needs to be added back to the route. We do advocate adding about two or three more stops.

The HSR buses that travel down King stop every couple of blocks.

There can still be an allstop bus on Main St which almost likely defacto becomes 2-way with this LRT plan. This bus could turn onto King when east of Delta. Basically, the route that the LRT does not take.

How does the HSR make up the fares on its busiest route? Metrolinx will own and operate the LRT and will be competing directly with the HSR. That's a big hit at the fare box.

Not necessarily, as LRT has amplified connecting bus routes (paper) -- the bus network needs to be upgraded/updated to fit the LRT in order for this to happen. There should not be an adversarial relationship between HSR and LRT -- there is a lot of upside potential for HSR here if done properly.

Finally, the problem, Ryan, is the budget. $1 billion will NOT be enough to build the proposed LRT. Metrolinx has already let us know that there will be a "scope ladder".

They showed us part of the scope ladder as asteriks next to the waterfront LRT stops.

As the budget over runs accumulate pieces of the proposed LRT will disappear.

Currently, the good news is that the Metrolinx LRTs, with the exception of Bombardier-related delays, is that they have generally keeping construction on time and on budget for the large part. The Eglinton Crosstown LRT is currently on track and on budget.

Is it asking too much for a little transparency.

No disagreement there.

Let us see the scope ladder NOW so we can decide if this project is really even worth it?

Patience - I heard it is coming - The new plans are coming out Septemberish which should probably include more detailed info.

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