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The B-Line is not overcrowded. And even if it were which is more cost effective: adding another articulated bus or building a $1 billion train down the centre of the city? Not to mention that the stops are over 800m apart. The HSR buses that travel down King stop every couple of blocks.

How does the HSR make up the fares on its busiest route? Metrolinx will own and operate the LRT and will be competing directly with the HSR. That's a big hit at the fare box.

Finally, the problem, Ryan, is the budget. $1 billion will NOT be enough to build the proposed LRT. Metrolinx has already let us know that there will be a "scope ladder". As the budget over runs accumulate pieces of the proposed LRT will disappear. Is it asking too much for a little transparency. Let us see the scope ladder NOW so we can decide if this project is really even worth it? LRTs cost an average of $110 million per km. That means at 11km this project is ALREADY overbudget by $210 million. So let's apply that over run to the scope ladder and see what comes out. I mean, it's already been shorted from Eastgate. How much shorter does it go? The funds are public. Let's see the scope ladder:

And have you even read the Mac report? It concluded that many of the recently built LRTs across North America should never have been built and 3/4 went over budget.

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