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By ref_erendum (registered) | Posted June 24, 2016 at 16:14:38 in reply to Comment 119552

"The City and Metrolinx have consulted extensively with the residents of Hamilton and are continuing to consult through the rest of the design, implementation and construction phase."

Absolutely false they have started knocking on doors ONLY RECENTLY ! Ask the businesses on King East and West and it is only in the past two weeks they are visiting residents and businesses.They have been doing a terrible job of alleviating peoples concerns.

13 stops on a main route does not seem user friendly when each stop is one kilometre apart, that is really convenient for a 16 year old lol

Apprently we beg to differ on every area of your Metrolinx and the City"s hypothetical success of this system imposed on Hamilton Taxpayers.

Not a single piece of information rings true with the LRT's systems in each and every city. I gather my information from free thinking individuals not on any ones payroll to advance their goals. Not a single stat regarding ridership is truthful and has only been juggled to advance this project.

"Successful cities with thriving downtown cores have very expensive parking, because they are highly desirable trip destinations with highly competitive real estate markets. "Free" parking is actually very harmful for a city, as UCLA economist Donald Shoup documented exhaustively in his book The High Cost of Free Parking."

Interesting point we have a very unsuccessful downtown core with high parking fees and prime real estate and Yet the lots are filled with cars at Limeridge, Eastgate,and Centre Mall. Or are these simply Go Station parking lots ? Maybe there should be a parking Tax levied on these mall parking lots being highly successful in filling up .

Your ridership claims are simply hypothetical Mr. Dixon's traffic study proves these number wrong every time .

Sadly you believe the propaganda of Metrolinx and The City of Hamilton . I am surprised you never adressed the profiteering that will take place with insider investors picking up key properties if this LRT goes through . Do you really think 2.9 million dollars is a reasonable price to pay for the old city motor hotel? A prime example of all the planning this boys club has in wasting tax dollars.

You have responded to every one of my issues with the same LRT Group Think, with a well scripted response in making my examples a lie yet sadly you have only been repeating the Metrolinx script handed out to everyone >

I rest my case ! ;-0)

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