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By ImprovingTomorrow (registered) | Posted June 23, 2016 at 09:40:15 in reply to Comment 119514

A) Cost overruns will be covered by Metrolynx, so you can bet they will direct their expertise to keeping it under budget, and the city isn't on the hook. Even if we were, you dodge the question: are you seriously suggesting that cost overruns could possibly cost the city more than the economic benefits of an extra billion dollars of local investment? That's laughable. Name one benefit of a zero dollar investment in the city.

B) There are already people in the downtown core. I'm one of them. I would ride the LRT. 268 local businesses and organizations want it and more are joining this public chorus daily. Nearly a decade of study agrees, and McMaster did a special research project that also verified the prospects are good. You haven't got any evidence to back you up, because a chip on your shoulder doesn't count as evidence. Meanwhile, HSR ridership is so 'low' that anyone who already uses the HSR is well familiar with full buses whizzing by you at the bus stop because they're already packed to capacity, making you wait for the next one.

C) A form of transportation that can carry dozens of people for the same carbon footprint as one or two cars is somehow going to make climate change worse? Please. Next you'll be telling us the best way to lose weight is to buy more donuts and loosen your belt.

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