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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted June 23, 2016 at 09:34:27

Guys it is a very well researched fact that has been known or a long time (around 40 years or so). One Way streets reduce pedestrian safety and kills street life by increasing the speed and volume of vehicular traffic, without greatly increasing the road network's over all efficiency. You don't have to believe me, ask any condo developer or modern business developer. One way streets greatly inhibit the outdoor commercial and pedestrian environment. This is why so much development occurs in walkable easily accessible neighbourhoods now! Suburban or downtown businesses that require large parking lots are losing business because the cost of maintaining parking lots and the great distances people have to travel in those parking lots on foot can be very unpleasant. LRT helps develop alternative transport connections and frees up people who may want to consume alcohol from worrying about driving home. Better yet, local residents do not have to drive they can walk or take LRT to a local business something that is almost impossible in most suburban neighbourhoods. These types of new developments in more walkable and transit friendly places are selling a completely different type of lifestyle than what has been previously available. LRT makes this development better and also provides massive transportation capacity without destroying the urban environment like busier and wider roads do, in fact, LRT help enhance that urban environment in the process. I bet, one of the main reasons why councilors like Collins and Whitehead are really against LRT is that, they have realized that the societal switch which is occurring away from the dominance of traditional suburban neighborhoods to more urban neighborhoods or urban like neighborhoods, means a steady degrading of their traditional political power basem as well.

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