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By jason (registered) | Posted June 23, 2016 at 07:20:43 in reply to Comment 119523

Barton of course runs through the depleted industrial core and residential neighbourhoods that took it on the chin when the industry collapsed. Had we converted Barton to 4-lane one-way, I shudder to think how awful it would have become. The stable collection of businesses that survived are now slowly being joined by new ones. It didn't get as bad as it would have thx to the in-tact street wall and sane traffic flow in many sections. I'm aware of a handful of Toronto chefs now working on restaurant projects on Barton to go along with the handful of recent openings. 10 years from now Barton will be a much better place.
In fact, if it weren't for LRT coming into the picture, I would predict that Barton would rebound quicker than King over the next decade. Even though King is closer to downtown jobs and more affluent neighbourhoods, speeding 4-lane freeways never work as vibrant business districts, especially in small/mid-sized cities like Hamilton.

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