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By Farts_Mcgee (registered) | Posted June 23, 2016 at 06:35:44 in reply to Comment 119518

I have no evidence to support my claim, but Ive always felt that if you can afford to drive, you will. Personally I live downtown, but i'll drive to a smart centre before i take a bus to Jackson square. I feel like the opposing arguments I get from this claim always come from people who dont own a car though, or who can just barely afford one.

And the boom on james street could be attributed to many factors not just weather it was changed to a two way street lol

People in Downtown Toronto take public transit over driving because after theyve given their arm and leg to buy their condo's they dont have much $ left to justify driving. Not to mention my personal rational = driving around downtown toronto with all its street car lanes and seperate traffic lights is so utterly confusing its best to not do so.

People who move to the Downtown core of Hamilton expect to have the luxury of driving, otherwise they would have bought a place in Vaughn or Milton. I suspect were talking about current bus riders buying up housing in the core, which I have a hard time believing that section of the population can afford.

As it is now, the only time I frequent the core, is on friday/saturday nights at the pubs and bars, I use uber. So this LRT isnt going to make or break what I already do. If anything I'll probably just continue to avoid the core. Im guessing the pro LRT side thinks Im in the miniority.

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