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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted June 21, 2016 at 18:39:57

Hey guys I'll review the choice but remember these decisions were based on what the original consultant thought was important as well as relevant in the choice of right of way. I can review it and give an opinion but I don't work for free. Most importantly, whatever I come up with or anyone else for that matter doesn't necessarily matter, your Council has voted many times on the route and the choices of technology. The whole process has gone through an official EA process reviewed by Metrolinx, the ministry of the Environment, Transportation and Infrastructure and it all passed. Your Councilor is just trying to delay because he doesn't like any transit spending.

Remember you guys already spend less on regular operational and capital transit budgets for the HSR than Toronto's TTC, York Region Transit, Durham Region Transit, Grand River Transit, Mississauga Transit and Brampton Transit. If the Niagara Region had a unified region wide system, mostly because of the need to upgrade and expand their very limited facilities, they would probably be spending more than you too. You only beat London Transit in spending because you get far more help from Provincial and Federal governments, in the form of operational and capital Transit Grants, than they do! Other than that, London is virtually spending the same amounts as you do. Yes they plan to build BRT for now but they are willing to pay for a portion of their BRT program. Ottawa's OC Transpo definitely spends more and the STO (Societe de Transport de L'Outaouais) Gatineau's Quebec's Transit system is spending more than you and they serve a smaller population and have built real BRT in the form of the RapiBus Network. Both the Laval Transit System (North of Montreal)and the Longueuil Area Transit System (South of Montreal on the South Shore) which serve similar populations also spend more. The only major Ontario Transit System you guys beat consistently and easily in transit spending is Windsor, which serves a significantly smaller population. On a per capita basis Guelph, Oakville and Burlington all spend more than you do. Frankly Barrie still lags behind you in per capita transit spending but they have had to make some seriously large investments recently and plan to spend even more in the coming years. You beat Peterborough Transit on per capita spending but they are in the process of starting their own community owned and operated railway company (Shining Waters Railway). Which plans to be running initially, peak hour Commuter Rail service to and from Union Station and downtown Peterborough.

If it weren't for the Province spending all this LRT money on you, wouldn't be getting anything right now based on the Hamilton's historic transit spending precedence. You have very low spending levels when it comes to transit and that should change, sooner than later you will be forced to. Why not take the free LRT funding now while you can!

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