Comment 119420

By ref_erendum (registered) | Posted June 16, 2016 at 19:09:55 in reply to Comment 119375

Metrolinx and City Hall Wards 1-4 hoodwinked when they try to tell you people will leave their cars at home if we have a trolley system ooops LRT for all those young IT professionals who like the sound of LRT's more than a trolley. I don't think I would be going downtown if there are any more obstacles put into play to force people to ride public transit. A ridership of 1500 per hour and I would even surmise less would have a new trolley operating at less than 25% capacity. Doesn't make good business sense to me . Put it on the best road Burlington Street and loop the busses to bring riders north and south since there is only 5 LRT stops thru the city in their plans. What we need is to move on and finish the Red Hill Creek expressway and shore of the escarpment landslide. Oh sorry that makes good sense but no money in developers pockets

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