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By ref_erendum (registered) | Posted June 16, 2016 at 18:55:10 in reply to Comment 119406

No disrespect but there are a lot of papers on many projects here ( short for projections) And we have seen by the cost over run of $30 + million to renovate city hall, Falling brackets at Tim Hortons Field,and the litigation that will go on for years Lister Building lease and future purchase Needing additional lanes for the Red Hill Expressway, How much money do we allow these council members to throw away based on their crystal ball predictions. " Over time, incremental LRT extensions occur." We had a LRT system in Hamilton and it went nowhere it was called a trolley. So predictions like this is nonsense George Orwell has a better track record than City Council and the Mayor. "More jobs are coming to Hamilton, and the LRT helps in getting around." The bus's do a fine job now and with LRT will create more traffic congestion for emergency vehicles, snow removal, darts and even people wanting to get down town but are blocked by bike lanes and a trolley. Do you really think that easy boarding is a concern ?Until Hamilton has a 2500 per hour ridership this is another white elephant

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