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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted June 16, 2016 at 12:51:37 in reply to Comment 119385

"Surprisingly it will have no benefit to the Ancaster residents whatsoever."

"no benefit...whatsover?"

  • Over time, incremental LRT extensions occur. Inevitably, it will extend westwards, west of McMaster, deeper into Dundas. See many cities, including Ottawa's fully funded Phase 2, Cambridge's studying for Phase 2, Calgary's past incremental extensions, etc.
  • LRT amplifies bus ridership, as long as there's good frequent connecting bus routes. Many cities experienced this.
  • Calgary LRT uses park-n-rides for outer stations, since the roads are too congested and LRT is faster. This gradually happened over a long time period.
  • LRT has very attractive subway-style boarding convenience, wheel on, no ramp needed (unlike even new TTC streetcars at their current platforms), which increases ridership. With dedicated lanes and automatic green lights, it's not annoyingly stop-goey like say, the Queen/King TTC streetcar.
  • More jobs are coming to Hamilton, and the LRT helps in getting around.
  • LRT brings subway-like convenience far more cheaply than a subway.

These are many substantial papers about this.

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