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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted June 16, 2016 at 10:15:46 in reply to Comment 119376

London may still choose LRT over BRT depending on how the show here in Hamilton goes. Waiting to see if there is an extra Billion dollars hanging around for rapid transit! There main reason for accepting BRT was the higher capital cost of LRT not the higher operating cost of BRT. In fact many of their councilors understood that LRT would give them a better long term product compared to BRT but were afraid to face voters and say yes, its better to spend more now and get a better product in the long term. That being said, although BRT will produce higher operating costs, the number of passengers they will be moving right now better suites BRT, for the time being anyway. After looking at what they are really proposing you can see that London at best, will maybe getting a few km of physically segregated centre of the road bus lanes and most of the rest off the system will painted bus lines with nice bus stops. Nothing to wright home about really and very little built in capacity.

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