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By Ham4Ham (registered) | Posted June 16, 2016 at 06:24:56 in reply to Comment 119366

That's the problem, though - based on years of personal experience, the route east on Main St. through the city simply IS faster than the 403/Linc/RHVP to get from the Mac area to the Stoney Creek area, especially at rush hour.

I commute from just off of Greenhill Ave. to near Mac every day, and what I find is that in the morning (heading west) the RHVP/Linc/Rousseau/Wilson St. route is the fastest (26 km), but heading home (east) it's Main St. for sure (16 km). Many people know this, so it's why they do it. I don't think there really is much of a mystery as to why they aren't utilizing the ring road system, it's simply borne out of experience.

This is obviously where part of the LRT opposition comes from. Even if Main St. "shouldn't" be a highway through the city, it is treated as one because it really is faster than the ring road system at many times of the day. It's a hard sell to convince people that it's somehow better to sit in stop-and-go traffic (on either a two-way Main or the Linc) than to move freely through downtown. I really believe that's the angle that LRT advocates have to address if they hope to win people over to their side.

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