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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted June 15, 2016 at 18:59:35 in reply to Comment 119365

I think we got a bit off topic.

My main concern was about trucks without a Hamilton origin/destination crossing to entire lower city to get from the 403 to QEW instead of taking the Linc/RHVP.

Trucks going east from the industrial north end can take Burlington street to the QEW, and I agree that for trucks going from the industrial north end to the 403 the most reasonable alternative given current traffic is still something like Wentworth/Cannon/York (or Wentworth/Cannon/Queen/King) to the 403. Trucks whose destination is the industrial north end could take QEW/Burlington coming from Toronto or Linc/RHVP/Burlington coming from Brantford (about 9 minutes longer with no traffic than Main St to Victoria to Burlington). They shouldn't be taking Main.

Secondarily, many Hamilton residents are still taking Main Street to go right across the lower city instead of the Linc/RHVP even though the Linc/RHVP is faster according to google maps.

And for traffic without a Hamilton origin/destination there is an effective ring road around Hamilton either to the north or south.

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