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By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted June 15, 2016 at 07:18:41 in reply to Comment 119317

An interesting article in the Bay Observer regarding Dave Dixon's resignation actually support's Bratina's comments. Dixon was convinced that Hamilton does not have the ridership - not even close actually - to support the need for higher order transit. His goal was to first build ridership and then push for LRT when it was justified. He says that 4000 people/hr on a line is the level you need for LRT to make sense. The King bus line in Hamilton currently moves 1100 people/hr.

He seems to allude to the notion that the only argument for LRT at this time is the 'city building' one and it is a weak one at best.

This guy worked for the TTC for 25 years and was the COO for a while. He seems to know his stuff. So is he right? IS the LRT going to run at 25% capacity? I've certainly heard differently in articles on RTH so what is the truth here?

Seems like Dixon quit because he was being overridden by politics. Mayor Eisenberger wanted the LRT and pushed for it when it was specifically not in Dixon's 10 year plan.

Not sure who to believe at this point.

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