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By jason (registered) | Posted June 03, 2016 at 16:26:02

just back from a couple weeks in Italy. It's jarring to the senses to be back in Hamilton with it's giant empty roads. So much wasted public space. Rome is building LRT extensions despite it's narrow, cobbled streets. It's a maze of a city full of narrow streets and tons of traffic yet very walkable. As a result of being walkable, we used transit all the time.
Anywhere there is a zebra crossing is a 'pedestrian right of way crossing' we learned by watching the locals. Just start crossing the street and all traffic stops, whether a narrow one lane road or huge 6 lane street.

To come back here and see the embarrassing display being put on by a couple of these councillors is even more pathetic in light of seeing successful world cities and how far behind are we.

To think that people who were stocking video store shelves are now pretending to be city planners and setting Hamilton back a generation or more (again, after already successfully holding us back during the last 40 years) really highlights how lousy our political system is. There should be impeachment opportunities when people play games with a city's future and resist all world-wide planning wisdom just so they can appease their walmart parking lot election campaign donors.

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