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By ref_erendum (registered) | Posted May 27, 2016 at 13:48:58

The only thing disconnected here is the politicians who want to waste tax dollars to prop up all those investors waiting to take a profit at taxpayers expense. We are already connected in many ways without and LRT. "McMeekin: You talk about information, and there have been all kinds of plans that have been submitted at council. I know because I, look, I've been reading them all. I read the staff reports. Maybe I shouldn't let that secret out of the bag, but I do read this stuff. And the Council was in fact adamant. Where the heck's the Provincial government here when we need ya? You know, This is what we want! This is our number one priority. This is transformational." Unfortunately a lot of misinformation has been given to us by Metrolinx and the province to make a sound choice regarding and LRT OR a BRT (Somehow BRT's are not what these politicians are aiming for but a more expensive revenue losing proposition,and profiteering for private investors in Hamilton ) DEFINITELY A REFERENDUM IS NEEDED TO PUT THIS FIASCO TO REST ONCE AND FOR ALL

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