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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted May 26, 2016 at 11:08:12 in reply to Comment 118787

Legitimate Ontario debt concerns aside, and semantics aside (asset, debt, deficit, budget, whatever).

...Semantically, the $1bn is a budget item that is planned to be spent regardless as part of the Moving Ontario Forward fund. If the money needs to be spent anyway, a great place to spend is transit, and Hamilton is a good place to spend it on.

We are actually morally obligated to say yes. I say yes even though I disagree with the Hydro One sale. But that horse has left the barn and if they want to mandatorily spend that "budget" in transportation infrastructure -- Hamilton LRT is one of the best-ever opportunities and one of most moral place to spend that budget (deficit as it may be), given the huge benefits to Hamilton and large long-term ROI.

Morally, we cannot be left out.

Even though Council is wavering, we have to remember they did not do a "Motion to a Stop Work Order on LRT" -- the money is already being spent right now.

Looking behind the council theatrics, my perception is the LRT office is actually working more efficiently than the HSR office at the moment. I hope Hamilton, for their sake, hire someones for HSR that will work more efficiently hard towards an HSR expansion integrating with the LRT (push forward the 10 year Rapid Ready plan).

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