Comment 118789

By Steve on George Street (anonymous) | Posted May 26, 2016 at 07:20:41 in reply to Comment 118787

Jim.. there are no morals here when it comes to funding.. If we don't take this money now, it's going to be justified to morally give it to another community who would like to build more transit.. Your bias is showing regarding Wynne, that is what this is truly about here.. Regardless how you feel about our current provincial government, I think you should only want the best for the city you live in.. Regardless that your car ride may be interrupted for a while or not.
Through this investment, it will spark spinoffs where the government will be able to collect more and pay down our current deficit. There has been no real investment in a long time in this city and it shows. Ontario can run that debt up all it likes, as long as Hamilton is given some of that money on tick.. There is not enough money in this world to pay off every debt. The monetary system is based on false credit, and the money coming really doesn't exist anyway. So I'm morally fine with this investment in our city..

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